We buy sell or evaluate precious metals, coins, jewellery and precious stones.



  • Coins of the world
  • Classical world coins
  • Banknotes and medals
  • Jewellery
  • Precious stones
  • Art objects

The vast majority of jewels and coins retain only their market value depending on the fineness and the price of precious metals. It is only a tiny minority, perhaps 1% of these objects, which allows expressing criteria of quality, aesthetics or rarity.

An evaluation will often disappoint by the modesty of the values obtained, but sometimes positively surprise us with pieces that although seemingly unspectacular have an interest for the enlightened amateur.

For example, a Stater of Alexander the Great, a beautiful gold antique coin, will have a value equivalent to a small bag filled with listed gold coins. Also, a discrete platinum jewel set with old diamonds of Edwardian period (1901-1915) or Art Deco will attract much more the collector’s attention than a heavy modern gold necklace.

These heritage objects are present in all families, their quality or abundance depending on the taste and means of the possessor.


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