My father, Ramon de Miguel, founded in 1974 the first coin shop in Geneva.

He is recognized as a numismatic ” pioneer ” for his contribution in the creation of early associations and collectors clubs as well as a participation to the very first international coin bourses in Switzerland and Europe.

He has distinguished himself as one of the top experts for spanish and spanish colonial coins. Genuineness, varieties or unlisted coins have no secrets for him.

During over fifty years of collecting antiques and coins, R.d.M. has earned a huge experience, knowledge, and beyond he has improved the special ” feeling ” for coins that makes a great numismatist.

I owe him all that I know about coins and more important, I have learned from him the right collector attitude. I have discovered the love for reference books, patient research and a fascination for the lore and historical value of coins.

I have been running the business, since 1999. However, his example and support are a key to our family business.

My interest has also focused on gem stones. I graduated from the Gemological Institute of America campus in Santa Monica CAL, where I earned a Graduate Gemologist diploma in 1992.

Coins, precious stones or objets d’art have concentrated for ages fascination and desire in all societies. The privilege of owning such objects is one of the great pleasures in life.

I look forward providing with this site a tool for identification, dating and valuation, whether interested in the history or the beauty, deciding what to buy or simply enjoy a visual experience.

Alexandre de Miguel

Monnaies & Gemmes, Genève

MONNAIES & GEMMES Alexandre de Miguel Numismate Gemmologue Rue J.-J. Rousseau 36 CH – 1201 GENEVE

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